Shape and Space


We had a discussion in Math yesterday about geometry.  After a few clues as to the meaning of geometry, the class was able to brainstorm the names of a variety of shapes and solids, 2D and 3D.  Some of the vocabulary was:

triangle, circle, rectangle, octagon, cylinder, triangular prism, rectangular prism, oval

We will be exploring Shape and Space over the next couple of weeks.  Here is a list of learning outcomes:

  • sort 2-D shapes and 3-D objects using two attributes and explain the sorting rule
  • describe, compare, and construct objects including cubes, spheres, cones,cylinders, and pyramids
  • describe, compare, and construct 2-D shapes including triangles, squares, rectangles and circles
  • identify 2-D shapes as parts of 3-D objects in the environment

See if you can find any shapes at home or when you’re out and about in the community.

Library books are due tomorrow.

EasterEnjoy the weekend!

Div. 6 and Mrs. Kyle


Eat Well Get Moving


About Eat Well Get Moving

Eat Well Get Moving! is a healthy weight promotion program for School Districts 61, 62, 63 and 64 as well as independent schools within these areas. The goal of the program is to encourage students to eat more vegetables and fruit and be more active. Research shows that eating more vegetables and fruit and being more active are the most effective behaviours a person can have to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

What we heard from the teachers who participated in 2013: 
“Thanks for the program. It’s great getting families involved in healthy eating & exercise tracking, and it’s fun for kids.”
“I love the program and hope my school will participate again next year.”
“I started training for the TC 10K and tried to model and discuss healthy eating and exercise with the class – my own journey. This is the best participation rate I’ve had, and I’m sure it’s a lot to do with my attitude!”

We enjoyed some strawberry tomatoes today while we played at the intermediate playground…a nutritious snack for the tomato lovers…an activity break for all.  We all enjoyed some fun in the sun!!


Library book exchange day is Wednesday.

Popcorn Sale – Friday April 11, 2014.  $1 a bag

Have a Thoughtful Thursday!

Div. 6 and Mrs. Kyle


Brain Gym

What is Brain Gym?

Brain Gym 3

Brain Gym is made up of simple and enjoyable movements and activities that are used with students to enhance their experience of whole brain learning. These activities make all types of learning easier but are especially effective with accademic skills.

These movements work so well, they often bring about dramatic improvements in areas such as:

* Concentration and Focus
* Memory
* Academics
* Physical coordination
* Relationships
* Self-responsibility
* Organization skills
* Attitude

Ask your children to teach you some of the stretches/activities at home!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Div. 6 and Mrs. Kyle


Thoughts for Thursday


I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break.  We’ve been noticing how the weather can change from one moment to the next.  On Monday we wrote about signs of Spring and what we like to do in spring.  Baseball season has started for some of the students, while others are enjoying biking and playing outside now that the days are longer.

daffodilTomorrow we are going to draw flowers with wax crayons and then paint over the flowers to create a wax crayon resist.  We’ve been experimenting mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.colours

On Tuesday, before lunch, we took advantage of the weather and went to the playground to skip, run, and play tag games.  Being outside makes us all happy!

jump rope

Singing also makes us happy.  We always start the day with a song or two.  The class is currently enjoying “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”  and “Down by the Bay” by Raffi.

In Math we continue to explore adding and subtracting two-digit numbers with and without regrouping through problem solving activities and games.

The class has learned how a variety of animals survive in winter.  We have discussed camouflage, migration and hibernation.  We are exploring different habitats and how it is important for animals to have a place to raise their young.


Library book exchange day is Wednesday.  Books can be returned any day of the week.

Scholastic Book Orders are due on March 31, 2014.

Eat Well Get Moving cards are also due on Monday.

Have a friendly Friday!

Div. 6 and Mrs. Kyle






Play, Play, and Play Some More

We plan on taking advantage of the lovely spring weather  and hope to be heading outside for some fun in the sun.


The Globe and Mail recently had an excellent article on the importance of getting your child outside.

“Children are suffering from a lack of nature and outdoors.   Have your kids made a mucky slide out of mud lately? How about watched two snails race very slowly? Have they ever eaten a crisp apple plucked right off a tree?

These are some of the 50 things that children should do before they’re 11 and three-quarters, according to a new checklist compiled by the National Trust, a charity that looks after historic buildings, gardens and forests throughout Britain.”
The list

1. Climb a tree

2. Roll down a really big hill

3. Camp out in the wild

4. Build a hideout

5. Skip a stone

6. Run around in the rain

7. Fly a kite

8. Catch a fish with a net

9. Eat an apple straight from a tree

10. Play checkers

11. Throw some snow

12. Hunt for treasure on the beach

13. Make a mud pie

14. Dam a stream

15. Go sledding

16. Bury someone in the sand

17. Set up a snail race

18. Balance on a fallen tree

19. Swing on a rope swing

20. Make a mud slide

21. Eat blackberries growing in the wild

22. Take a look inside a tree

23. Lie on your back at gaze at the stars

24. Feel like you’re flying in the wind

25. Make a grass trumpet

26. Hunt for fossils and bones

27. Watch the sun wake up

28. Climb a huge hill

29. Get behind a waterfall

30. Feed a bird from your hand

31. Hunt for bugs

32. Find some frogs

33. Catch a butterfly in a net

34. Track wild animals

35. Discover what’s in a pond

36. Call an owl

37. Check out the creatures in a tidal pool

38. Bring up a butterfly

39. Catch a crab

40. Go on a nature walk at night

41. Plant it, grow it, eat it

42. Go wild swimming

43. Go rafting

44. Light a fire without matches

45. Find your way with a map and a compass

46. Play hide and seek with a flashlight

47. Cook on a campfire

48. Try rock climbing

49. Care for a pet

50. Canoe down a river

Special thanks to The Globe and Mail.

advantage of play

Wishing you a spectacular Spring Break!

Division 6 and Mrs. Kyle


Thoughts for Thursday

The Book Fair will be open tomorrow,  in the library.

Please feel free to have your child attend parent/teacher conferences.

Integrated Learning:

We have been learning a variety of songs that are connected to our Animal Growth and Change unit.  Baby Beluga and Five Green and Speckled Frogs by Raffi and Octopus, by Charlotte Diamond are the current favourites.

Yesterday we listened to a Tumblebook story about a platypus.  Even though a platypus lays eggs, it is a mammal.  The echidna is also an egg laying mammal.



Have a thoughtful Thursday!

Division 6 and Mrs. Kyle


Wonderful Wednesday

snow day igloo

We had lots of fun playing in the snow yesterday!  We had a long recess and even managed to build an igloo.  Most of it it has melted.

We had a guest speaker today.  Mrs. Chaves, a district aboriginal educator joined our class to teach us the importance of animals in the lives of first nations people.  The class found it interesting that animals, such as bears, deer, salmon, shellfish, eagles, and ducks are used mainly as a source of food.  More importantly, all parts of the animal have a use, such as oil for cooking, fur for clothing, moccasins and blankets, and bones for tools.  Eggs are eaten and feathers and shells are used for jewellery and decoration.  Everyone learned something new!


A few reminders:

Tomorrow is Pink Day.

pink day

In Div. 6 we try to be nice and friendly every day and treat others how we would like to be treated.  Remember to wear pink, if you would like to.

Library books are due tomorrow.

Please send any completed  Eat Well Get Moving Cards back to school.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Division 6 and Mrs. Kyle